Day 4, Meditations in an Emergency

Day 4 It was a lot of effort to get this light in our house, and to have my desk in this position to receive it. I’m grateful for every moment of it. Pups are having breakfast in bed. Homeschooling will being at 9. I was reading a piece in the New York Times this morning, well, the piece is from a few years ago, but it’s relevant for today. It’s a piece featuring interviews with the growing population of New Yorkers who are over 85. One particularly resonant quote noted that people tend to focus on what they have lost, or will lose. This makes them miserable.

It’s true. We don’t consider what the moment is offering us. This moment, it’s terrible, but it’s also a kind of gift in that it is showing us our weaknesses, individually and collectively. It’s showing us where we are headed, it’s offering a way to wake up and be human, and do the right thing. Obviously it’s devastating how it’s happening, and I mourn the loss and the suffering—the people who are on the front lines. I am basking in this moment, not in the suffering of others, but with the suffering of others. Not moving away from it. For me, this is a way to see how we must and can tackle #climatechange. This is a blueprint. We have likely cut the carbon emissions needed globally for this year.

This is what we need to embrace globally. An austerity of “use” and “extraction” and an abundance of self and community care. A dedication to slowing down consumption, and an end to toxic capitalism.

The pups are having breakfast in bed. The sun is already blocked by the building next door. It will flood into my room again when it gets over that building. Until then I’ll work. (Or try to work….) #queerlife #queerparenting #quarantine #meditationsinanemergancy #virus #montreal #literarylife

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