Courses For 2020-2021

ENGLISH 226/3/A: Introductory Fiction Workshop (2020-21)
Instructor: Sina Queyras
Monday­­: 14.45-17.30

English 226 is an introductory workshop in prose fiction reading, writing, and evaluation. Students will develop a variety of skills as writers and readers of literary prose writing by reading and presenting on canonical, innovative and experimental works. Workshop will begin with exercises, building a dynamic language and clarity of prose skills and develop into full stories. Writers we read will include, but are not limited to: Ottessa Moshfheg, Sheila Heti, Sally Rooney, Durga Chew-Bose, Alicia Elliott, Renee Gladman, Roxane Gay, and Mavis Gallant.

ENGLISH 342/3/BB: Advanced Fiction Workshop (2020-21) (winter 2021)
Instructor: Sina Queyras
Tuesday: 18.00-20.15

There is no one approach to writing prose, but there are elements that make for great work. In this course we will encounter a wide range of practices within the gen­­re—from the most classical to the most experimental. Each week we will read, discuss, and write about new texts and student work, identifying key, successful elements. Our investigations will create a common critical vocabulary and form the basis of our workshop. As well as presenting work in class, students will produce a portfolio that includes a selection of prose work as well as a body of creative critical work. Writers we read will include a course pack and authors including, but not limited to: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Ottessa Moshfheg, Sheila Heti, Sally Rooney, Eden Robinson, Andrea Lawlor, Barbara Kingsolver, Jamaica Kincaid, Lisa Robertson, Anne Carson and Dionne Brand.

ENGL 348/3/B Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry Workshop (2020-2021)
Instructor: Sina Queyras
Wednesday 14.45-17.30

Students of this advanced poetry workshop will be required to produce writing on a weekly basis. We will spend the bulk of our time reading and discussing student generated work. Students will develop tools for a sustainable creative practice, engage in writing experiments and learn to present our work in print and performance. The first semester will focus on experiments and creative­ play and the second semester will be spent working on an extended project. Poets will be required to attend literary events over the year. Reading list will include a course pack and authors including, but not limited to: Sue Goyette, Karen Solie, AE Stallings, Alice Notley, Claudia Rankine, Franny Choi, Tommy Pico, Prageeta Sharma, Terrance Hayes, Dorothea Laskey, CA Conrad, Layli Long Soldier, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Arielle Twist, Natalie Diaz, Canisia Lubrin, Dionne Brand, as well as the The Penguin Book of the Prose Poem, Watch Your Head: An Anthology of Climate Change Writing, and several literary journals including The Capilano Review, The London Review of Books, and Poetry magazine.

ENGLISH 670/AA: Techniques of Fiction (2020-21) (fall)
Instructor: Sina Queyras
Thursday: 18.00-20.15

In this graduate workshop we will explore writing techniques that are conventional and unconventional, grounding ourselves in a range of writing styles and approaches to contemporary writing. Emphasis will be placed building a sustainable creative practice with a wide range of skills and techniques rather than the mastery of a specific “genre.” Students will develop strategies for conceiving of projects, modes of generating content, conducting research, thinking through constraints and forms, building scenes, characters, questions of authorial voice and style, and creating the grand vision. They will also query what it means to be an author in a time of radical change and environmental devastation. Authors read and discussed include Renee Gladman, Rachel Cusk, Eileen Myles, Claudia Rankine, Ottessa Moshfheg, Sheila Heti, Sally Rooney, Monique Wittig, Jamaica Kincaid, Octavia Butler, Nalo Hopkinson, Lisa Robertson, Anne Carson, Maggie Nelson, Bernadine Evaristo, Jenny Offill, Lucy Ellman, Bhanu Kapil and Dionne Brand.