My Ariel

I caught the first copy of My Ariel as it slid off the glue machine a few weeks back. My son caught the second (see video below!). The book is alive and kicking–pub date is officially September 18th, which happens by chance to be my mother’s birthday. This is more relevant than I thought it would be when I began my project of engaging with Plath’s Ariel. Initially the poems were quite close to Plath’s–re-visions, ghostings, confrontations, and responsesbut that changed over time. There are a lot of the earlier ones in the book still, but certainly not all of them. Thanks to Coach House and Ingrid Paulson for an amazing design. There is also a hardcover edition but I haven’t seen that yet.

Here are a few earlier versions. With thanks to all the editors!

“Tulips,” Concrete & River

“The Jailor,” The Walrus

“Death & Co,” The Awl

“I am no Lady, Lazarus,” Rusty Toque

“Little Fugue,” The Awl

“Thalidomide,” “The Rabbit Catcher,” The Malahat Review

“Couriers,” “Cut,” Poetry

It’s alive!

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