Ottawa, April 26

I’ll be coming your way soon, Ottawa. Come to the poetry cabaret. 

Ottawa’s own Stephen Brockwell hosts an evening of stellar poetry.


Old Hat is the third book of poetry and first collection of occasional poems by Governor General and Trillium Awards nominee, Rob Winger. Driven by an attempt to understand how to reorder common experience, the book’s transitional sections – “Set,” “Re/Set,” and “Lect” – all intertwine and overlap, thematically and intuitively linked by the extensive range and depth of Winger’s poetics.


MxT, or “Memory x Time,” is one of the formulas acclaimed poet Sina Queyras posits as a way to measure grief. These poems mourn the dead by turning memories over and over like an old coin, by invoking other poets, by appropriating the language of technology, of instruction, of diagram, of electrical engineering, and of elegy itself. 


Award-winning poet Adam Sol‘s fourth collection, Complicity, is by turns intimate and lyrical, experimental and outlandish. The collection focuses us on how we cannot escape the troubling structures that determine our lives. How do we identify ourselves with communities – national, cultural, or local – while aware of the violence which underlies their arrangements? How do we pursue love when we know how fraught and imbalanced gender politics is? 

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