Autobiography of Childhood

Zoe Whittall, author of The Middle Ground, reviews Sina Queyras’s Autobiography of Childhood as part of Fashion Magazine’s fall books preview. Queyras, who has written four acclaimed poetry collections including Lemon Hound and Expressway, brings her poetic sensibilities to bear on the troubled terrain of her forthcoming novel. Autobiography of Childhood will be released this fall from Coach House:

Sina Queyras is an award-winning Montreal poet, and her debut novel is a layered family saga as told by five siblings who come together as one of them prepares to die from cancer. As children of a capricious and neglectful mother and an oft-absent father, and haunted by the childhood death of a brother, they deal with the scarring memories of their upbringing in divergent ways. Fans of Queyras’s poetry will not be disappointed by her trademark whimsical rhythms and imagery; newcomers will be drawn into a fascinating story about a family dealing with its own particular brand of crazy.

– Zoe Whittall

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